Returning back to school June 2, 2020

We are looking at bringing in students in grades k-5 two times a week, Gr 6/7 & 8 once a week during the month of June. These would be regular school days – getting to school around 8:30 with classes beginning at 8:45am, and dismissal at 2:39pm. We would have staggered recess and lunch breaks to help with the physical distancing protocols. This would be time to finish up any academics, support any review needed and do any assessments that are also needed. Students would need to still follow all our safety protocols such as washing hands when entering the school, when entering a classroom, when returning from the washroom and after every activity. Physical distancing will also be encouraged as much as possible and work spaces will be assigned and not shared. Cleaning will occur two or even three times a day as well as a heavy clean once every two weeks. 

Please let the school know – in one way or another – whether or not your children are coming to school beginning June 2, which children will be coming, if you will be needing bus transportation and who your bus driver is. Thank you so much for your patience as we work together to put a schedule together for all of us.

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