Welcome back to school. As many of you have noticed we have many split classes this year. Our school team has worked hard to put together the best possible placement for each of our students. We have also begun the new school year with many house team activities – your child should know what colour house team they are on. There will be some new house colour shirts available for ordering on our next Upper Pine Swag order coming at the end of September. 

One expectation that has been already introduced is the “No Hats in school” rule. Students have already done very well in remembering to take off their hats when they enter the school. We would ask parents to help us out by also taking their hats off when they come into the building.

A small change in our Nut Free School – our student that was so very allergic has come back with some very good news, this student has a clean bill of health. This is really good news for this student and the family. As a school we will be staying PEANUT FREE and the Grade 7 class will be staying NUT FREE – due to another student being very allergic (it is not an airborne allergy)

Scent Free: We have more than one staff member that is highly sensitive to scent. Axe deodorants, body sprays, perfume, colognes are all too much for many staff. Please help your student learn that some scents are just too much and actually don’t make you cool. Please remember the scent may work for you and may not be too much but for some, it may send them home or even send them to the hospital. 

Dates to remember:

September 11th – First day of Kindergarten

September 13th – Backwards Spirit Day

September 17th – Dessert Potluck and Open house 6:30 – 8:00 – come and meet the teachers and have some coffee – if you can and would like to bring a dessert to share with everyone that would be awesome. 

September 18th – School Photos in the morning – pkgs should go out with the newsletter on Wednesday

September 20th – No School for students – School Planning Day

September 23rd – Assembly

September 27th – Wacky Hat Spirit Day 

  • Terry Fox Run – Terry Fox fundraiser – please be on the lookout for more information on this

September 30 – October 4th – Rik Leaf is here to join us for the week – sponsored by the school and PAC

September 30 – Orange Shirt Day – Fall Gathering 

October 7th – PAC meeting

October 7th – Assembly

October 9th – Cultural Event – Axis Theatre 

October 11th – Spirit of the West Day

October 16th – PAC Hot Lunch

October 21st – Assembly

October 23rd – PAC Float Day 

October 25th – NID 

October 31 –  Spirit of Halloween Day – Halloween Costume Parade and Dance

November 4th – Assembly

November 8th – Spirit of Courage (Red) Day – Remembrance Day Assembly

November 18th – Assembly

November 22nd – Spirit Jersey Day

November 25th – Report Cards go home

November 27th – Early Dismissal – Parent Teacher Interviews

November 28th – Early Dismissal – Parent Teacher Interviews

November 29th – Parent teacher interviews

December 2nd- Assembly

December 6th – Spirit of the Tree Day – dress like a tree

December 16th – Assembly 

December 18th – Afternoon dress rehearsal for Christmas concert

December 19th – Afternoon presentation for the school/grandparents

  • Evening performance of Christmas Concert

December 20th – Read and Green Spirit Day –  Last day before Christmas break. 

The BC Winter Games (February 20, 21) are being hosted by Fort St John this year and the School Board is fully supporting this in many different ways. Many of the town schools will be used to house the athletes and their coaches. Teachers/Parents and students are encouraged to find some areas that they can volunteer in. We will share more information with you when we receive it. 

Students are being encouraged to sign up for our Upper Pine Sports teams – this fall will be Cross Country Running for all students and Volleyball for Grades 4 – 8. We do need some more volunteer coaches. 

We will also be having our students volunteer to join our Leadership teams, like the Recycling teams – for the blue and green bins, like our Newspaper team and our new Home Ec team. You will find these teams in and around the school helping out in a variety of ways, taking pride in doing good things for our school community. 

Volunteers – if you would like to volunteer in and around the school you will need to get a Criminal Record check done – please see Mrs. Hynes in the office. We love to have volunteers in and around our school – from coming to do noisy reading, spelling tests, math games, PE activities or even helping out in the library. 

Please feel free to stop by for a visit or phone ahead to meet with some of the staff – please remember with staff traveling back to town everyday they may have things planned for after school and may not be able to stay and talk – they are more than willing to set up times that work for both of you, sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call. You should be receiving some sort of introduction letter or email from each of your child’s teachers in the very near future. 

A reminder about weather appropriate clothing for all students. The abundance of rain has caused our school grounds to be quite wet. We have had a few younger students come in completely soaked because they “fell” into a puddle. Please make sure you are sending a spare set of clothes along as the school does not have that many extras in our bin. Another reminder is to make sure you have all your child’s belongings labelled as we already had boots going home to the wrong house. 

The PAC has a fundraiser that is ongoing – which means you can buy at any time. This one is called Loveable Labels. 

You can go to the website – www.UpperPine.lovablelabels.ca  – it is a great way to get your child’s belongings labelled. 

Please remember to have your Hot Lunches ordered by September 23rd and look for special PAC Hot Meal days and PAC Float days that will be extra and not included in your Hot lunch order.

We are excited to see that the Construction 11/12 program from the High School will be working on rebuilding our Skate Shack. Please make sure we leave enough room for the equipment that they will need to bring in and please respect the construction fence and do not enter the construction zone. 

Mrs. Baumeister has included a newsletter called “A Bite of Health.” 

We look forward to many new adventures this school year. 

Mrs. Melody Braun


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